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  No Line-of-Sight? No Problem.
Our Fixed LTE Broadband is the solution!

Go Through The Trees - Our traditional Fixed Wireless Internet service requires line-of-sight to one of our mountain top towers. However, we also offer Fixed LTE Broadband Internet service which doesn't require line-of-sight.

How It Works - Fixed LTE Broadband uses a lower frequency than what our traditional line-of-sight broadband Internet service uses. As long as there is enough signal at your house, you can get fast reliable Internet service.

Faster and More Reliable Than HughesNet or ViaSat - Fixed LTE Broadband uses land-based towers, which means the "ping" times are much lower (30-60ms) than satellite-based HughesNet or ViaSat Internet (600-1000ms) - the lower the "ping" time the better. Our Fixed LTE Broadband is also not affected by poor weather conditions. Both of these result in an Internet experience that is faster and more reliable than HughesNet or ViaSat Internet.

Faster Than 4G Hotspots - If you live in a rural area and have a cellular hotspot but your speeds aren't that great, it could be because you're not getting a good cellular signal. Unlike cellular hotspots, our Fixed LTE Broadband equipment is mounted outdoors where the signals are much stronger. This results in faster speeds in areas with weak cell coverage areas. Our Fixed LTE Broadband combined with WiFi calling on your smartphone can even deliver whole house indoor cell phone coverage where you would normally have to go outside to make a call.

400 GB of Monthly Data - Running out of data on your current Internet service? Our Fixed LTE Broadband allows for up to 400 GB of data usage per month at normal speeds* (with an average maximum usage of 13-14 GB of data per day recommended).

Pricing - A $50 site survey is required so we can do signal and speed tests at your house. If the site survey goes well and you can get our Fixed LTE Broadband Internet service, we apply the site survey fee towards your install. A standard installation includes: a high end outdoor LTE modem/antenna (CPE) with PoE power injector, mounting arm, up to 75' of outdoor-grade Ethernet cable, an APC battery backup surge protector, a Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router and up to 3 hours of labor for $399 plus tax. The Fixed LTE Broadband Internet service is $140 per month, billed quarterly, pro-rated. A 24 month commitment period is required.

A Locally Owned and Operated Family Business - We don't hire subcontractors to do our work. We do all of our own installs, service work and customer support. We don't have account numbers for our customers - when you call us we know who you are just by name. Not too many businesses are run like this anymore, but we take great pride in running ours this way. All of our Fixed LTE Broadband equipment is remote management enabled so we can better assist if there is ever a problem.

*Service subject to our Fixed LTE Broadband Terms of Service. Service is not available in all areas and subject to confirmation by NOVA Wireless. Rates and Terms subject to change without notice.

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